Welcome to my Wiki page. I really hope that you all enjoy your time here and have fun. Now I'm really sorry that I have to put this up but this would be chaos if I didn't.


  1. No swearing. I'm really sorry if you do swear and that it comes naturally in your text but this wiki is meant to be appropriate for all ages and I really don't want kids seeing that type of language.
  2. Be friendly. I hate it when people say horrible things to each other and that's coming from a person with a really short temper.
  3. Don't edit people's fanfictions without permission. I can understand that people have their views about things but unless its something nice please keep it to yourself.

Please abide by these rules. I tried to keep as little as possible because honestly I don't like rules but if you do break them punishments will follow.


  1. Warning. You will be given a warning and reminded about the rule.
  2. 1 Day Ban. You will be banned from the page for a day.
  3. 1 Month Ban. You will be banned for a month.
  4. Permanent Ban. I think you get it by now but if you don't your banned forever.

Once again I'm sorry that these are in here but that's just what has to happen. I hope you enjoy the community and remember to HAVE FUN.

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