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Hi and welcome.

This Wiki is a place for all the worlds writers to come together and share. You can Role Play, add fan art on The Great Wall of Fan Art, blog on just about anything. and share Random Stuff about Random Things. Whether its fan-fiction or original all are welcome. There really aren't that many rules and this is mainly to have fun. I really really really really hope that you join.


PS. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. But please be patient it may take as long as a week for me to reply.
# No swearing. I'm really sorry if you do swear and that it comes naturally in your text but this wiki is meant to be appropriate for all ages and I really don't want kids seeing that type of language.
  1. Be friendly. I hate it when people say horrible things to each other and that's coming from a person with a really short temper.
  2. Don't edit people's fanfictions without permission. People put time and effort into there fan fics so please dont ruin all there hard work.
  3. Dont give any negetive feedback. I can understand that people have their views about things but unless its something nice please keep it to yourself.

Please abide by these rules. I tried to keep as little as possible because honestly I don't like rules but if you do break them punishments will follow.


  1. Warning. You will be given a warning and reminded about the rule.
  2. 1 Day Ban. You will be banned from the page for a day.
  3. 1 Month Ban. You will be banned for a month.
  4. Permanent Ban. I think you get it by now but if you don't your banned forever.

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