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Random Roleplay

(I'll start the first RP 'cause why not)

This is the Random Roleplay, the RP where only nonsense happens.

You can be any character. Basic RP rules apply.

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I think we should start, shall we?


Lets do it in chat hecuase there is only two of us and i really dont feel like refreshing my page every 5 seconds

Actually that would screw up the RP. Nevermind

I'll start.

Pearl threw a pizza box in a trash can. 

Amy looks at pearl and asked " why are you blue."
Cause she was picking up the trash
"I'm not blue."
Sory i meant y are u white people arnt just plain white and whats that thing sticking out your head

"It's a gemstone, the core of a Gem being like me. We come from outer space, from a war that took place around 6000 years ago."

Cool ive been to outerspace it was really scary

(Sry i gtg can we continue later)

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